Military Tribunal: Day 1

Sparks flew at Guantanamo Bay Tuesday morning as the U.S. military opened its case against former Clinton co-conspirator John Podesta, who stands accused of treason, accessory to murder, and innumerable child sex crimes. Rear Adm. Darse E. Crandall of the U.S. Navy Judge Advocate General’s Corps began the proceedings by painting Podesta as a sanctimonious, […]

Newly Invented Shoes With GPS To Track Elderly Family Members With Alzheimer’s And Prevent Them From Getting Lost!

The initial symptoms of Alzheimer’s or senile dementia in an elderly person are enormous problems with disorientation. The person that suffers from this disease is progressively losing the skill to orient themselves whether it’s time or spatial orientation. They will start feeling lost even in their house. These people feel very disordered and uncomfortable wherever […]

Scientists Have Created A Plane Similar To Start-Trek That Flies Using No Fuel

The team said that the electro-aerodynamic-powered aircraft uses a propulsion system to fly, which opens up possibilities for ‘quieter, mechanically simpler’ aircraft that do not generate fossil fuel emissions. Aerospace engineer Steven Barrett recently tested the first-ever aircraft powered by ionic wind thrusters, electric motors that produce momentum by generating charged particles and shooting them […]

On The Third Day Of His Internship With NASA, 17-Year-Old DISCOVERS NEW PLANET 6.9 Times Larger Than Earth

A 17-year-old who had an internship with NASA on ONLY his third day managed to discover a brand-new planet that is actually 6.9 times the size of our planet Earth. In 2019, New York’s Wolf Cukier landed a dream internship with NASA and was soon employed at the Greenbelt, Maryland, Goddard Space Flight Center. Wolf Cukier managed to get […]

Schumer Fumes After Senate Republicans Kill Jan. 6 Commission “Shame On The Republican Party For Trying To Sweep The Horrors Of That Day Under The Rug”

Senate Republicans blocked a bill creating a commission to investigate the pro-Trump riot at the US Capitol on Jan. 6. The vote was 54-35, with only 6 Republican Senators joining Democrats. Passage of the measure required 60 votes. Following the vote, Chuck Schumer said in a speech after the vote “Donald Trump’s big lie has […]

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